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Angelus the Necromancer - Adventure Solitaire


Version 1.0 - released Jan 19, 2008

New things and bug fixes (from palm game)

- New monster: mega mimic - imitates doors, walls, and boulders, never changes, never moves, more armored and dangerous than regular mimics.
- New monster: phantom - like a ghost + a demon.
- Glyphs can be drawn over traps, acid puddles, footprints and sprung traps now.
- Glyphs don't take a turn to use.
- Sometimes secret doors are regular doors.
- Healing ring heals 2 per turn, instead of 1.
- Clicking on the quiver in the quick inventory drops it.
- When a monster is knocked back but can't go back due to a wall, it takes extra damage.
- Ethereal monsters and player now look see-through and fluctuate.
- Some monsters can teleport now.
- Strong monsters can swap places with weaker monsters on their way to the player.
- Daemon is like other classes when entering the final tomb.
- Monster encounter random monster group size fixed.

- Triple abnormal monsters
- Fog of war
- Stealthy monsters, line-of-sight blocking monsters, temporary vision boosters
- Final combat with Angelus is trickier.
- Score is 1/2 normal

Version 1.1 - released jan 24, 2008
- Installer added.
- Now fury potion lasts 3 to 6 turns instead of 3 to 5.
- Renamed the help category 'keys 3' to 'laptop' to make it more obvious that there are laptop keys.

In expert mode:
- Added two new items: crown of power and potion of heroics.
- Fixed bug so now whole map is redrawn if LOS blocking monster moves.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't target LOS blocking monsters with arrows.
- Fixed bug so now map is revealed when a sight boosting power is activated, and redrawn when that power ends.
- Using arrows to activate the shrine now redraws the arrow count, and also you can't use a partial quiver as an offering.

Version 1.2 - Released Jan 28, 2008
- At the bottom of the items help screen, it shows which heroes can and can't find the shown item.
- Added visual effect for using the hand to pickup items.
- New teleporting monsters don't teleport into walls now.
- The ultra rare chance of a monster getting stuck somewhere when summoned has been fixed.
- If a monster is put on dirt in the arena, the dirt gets redrawn correctly.
- Arena victory text fits on screen correctly, and also tells you how many fights you won to complete the arena.
- Now, if arrow count goes above 99 then the background black box is larger.
- Final text for winning expert mode now has line that says "expert mode / 2" about the score.
- Angelus won't let hourglasses appear in his final tomb when in expert mode.

Version 1.3 - Released June 20, 2008
- Re-aranged interface to have more space and clarity.
- Made phases left bar + health bars longer and wider.
- Added visual segments to phases left bar, and health bars.
- Outlined action grid as a button.

- When you increase speed via key board, it says what level of speed its at.
- Made prev/next help buttons larger.
- After about 15 seconds on intro screen, the game continues automatically.

- Teleporting: shows background now.
- Help about how to use the shrine made clearer.
- Minor item redraws (sword, earth crystal, bomb, fountain)

Bug fixes
- Help screen typo fixed (some stats name cut off)
- Potential drawing crash bug fixed. (Inward box)
- If you replayed games real fast, you could carry over the stats blinking, but not any more.
- Expert mode: when you won, some text used to be drawn outside the correct window.

Version 1.4 (released oct 16, 2008)

- Rogue can now detect traps when near them.
- Monsters that drop items when killed can drop items onto nearby spaces, in case they are on a spot that items can't go on.
- Rat mages hurl fireballs, or advance. (also, abnormal hostile monsters have a chance to do this)
- In expert mode, Angelus teleports a couple of times to a random spot, so you don't know where he is.
- Magic resistance shown visually behind monsters.

Bug fixes:
- Angelus telporting drawn correctly in Expert mode (if you can't see where he is, the effect isn't drawn.)
- New highscores don't erase old ones anymore.
- When you kill an eerie lights in expert mode, it redraws the map correctly

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