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THE WELL (v2.4)
Version 1.1
- Fixed too long string possible on Win dialog.

Version 1.2
- Increased starting stats from 2 to 4, to make the beginning less dull.
Made it say 'your quest is complete' when you came back to the app after leaving, instead of 'You are in the well..."

Version 1.5
- Removed border from encounter screen, and changed text formatting there.
- Added 4 new items.
- removed items from main screen, and added a 'show item' button to facilitate more items carryable.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.6 (un-released to previous users, but in latest folder)
- Fixed Exp reward for orb of Harmony.
- Fixed orb text for when demons resist the orb (so it fits on the screen!)
- Added a lower limit for lost exp, so if your exp would go lower than -1000,
you lose HP instead. This eliminates some of the super fast dropping strategies, which bypassed much of the game.

Version 1.7 (un-released)
- Moved new buttons (orb, rune) 1 pixel each so they line up with other buttons.
- Special encounter buttons are hidden now before the form is drawn.
- Added 2 'wandering' out of level encounters, and 2 beginning monsters (for variety).
- Minimum experience of -1000.

Demo (released changes sept 25, 2002)
- 2 beginning monsters.
- Formatting on encounter screens improved.
- Removed text border from main screen.
- Updated URLs.

Version 1.8 (released sept 25, 2002)
- Removed text border from main screen.
- Inverted win/loss on encounter resolution.
- changed URL on about dialog.

Version 1.9 (released: Nov 10, 2002)
- Added high score lists.
- Added high score and new game buttons whihch show up on the main screen after a game finishes, to make it easier to restart.
- Put a top limit on HP, so it doesn't go off the display.

Version 2.0 (released jan 25, 2003
- Updated copyright year.
- Added highlighting latest high score made, at end of game.
- Put in Graffitti shift indicator on name entry screen.
- Wandering Mystic gives out 350 exp instead of 250.
- Put in 250-500 exp bonus for getting to the well bottom.
- Put in bold formatting on encounter screens for easier reading. [Demo too]
- Added gold option to altars
- Fixed bug where you could find multiple items at once.
- Increased gold reward from reaching in the pool.

Version 2.1 (released about feb 16, 2003
- Name changed to 'The Well', demo too - USERS MUST RE-INSTALL!!!!

Version 2.2 (released about april 17, 2003
- Added auto-backup ability.

Version 2.3 released june 22, 2004
- Removed exp level and put in skill points shown.

Version 2.4 - released april 15, 2005
- New encounter: Imp!
- New encounter: Treasure Chamber
- Reward for taking potion from the hero changed to 3 skill points from 500 exp
- Learning from the priest now gives you 5 skill points
- Reward for taking potion from the ghost changed to 5 skill points
- Typo fixed (exp level changed to skill point, several times)
- Redrew app icons, (added color and hi-res app icons)
- Made PG demo