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"Have to say that I have played the new game [Angelus the Necromancer] quite frequently. Its displaced Bejewelled for quite a while now..."

- Daniel Paner, 35, Wake Forest, NC USA

"Thanks for sending the game. I've been enjoying the demo - only recently figured out how to keep my warrior going for a long time on that. Congratulations for coming up with such a varied and interesting game!
...the player experiences successes and then sudden failures (intermittent reinforcement - which B.F. Skinner showed was the strongest form of reinforcement) that make the player even much more determined to win. Because it's intellectually challenging it's also the only game I've ever bought for my Palm."

- Mary Johnson, age 42, a psychologist from New England, USA

"Speaking as a retired computer programmer from wall street I have a strong appreciation for your program [Angelus]...
Really enjoying it.
Much Thanks,"
- Avi, 27, Mysore, India