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Version 1.0 - released Jan 6, 2005

Version 1.1 - released Feb 24, 2005
- Archer's unique magic item #1 is now found on level 5 instead of 7. Unique magic item #2 is found on level 7 instead of earlier.
- Rogues find magic gems starting on level 4, instead of 6.
- Chance of a shrine appearing increased by 2%
- Fixed redraw bug when taking chest (or other item) with hand spell.
- Wizard's first item, medallion of ghostliness, now gives +15 avoidance when found.
- Fixed it so items on rafts move if a monster, or a full backpack hero, moves the raft.
- When monk clears level, he gets 20 to 30 meditation bonus (so you don't have to sit there and tap to get it.)
- When archer clears level, he will fill up the last quiver used with lost arrows, unless the quiver was used completely.
- When boulder pushed on and off raft, water edges drawn correctly.
- When dirt (and walls near water) bombed, edges drawn correctly.
- New preference added: Show nums on main inventory. When checked, this will overlay a number indicating how many of the item you have, on the main map screen inventory section. Useful, but not as pretty as without.
- Pushing boulders onto monsters can now: kill weak monsters, shove some monsters back, or break the boulder - which sometimes reveals an item that was stuck in the boulder. Ghosts and other ethereal monsters don't count for this, and the boulder goes right through them.

Version 1.2 - Released May 18, 2005
- Monk gets +3% chance per level to find a shrine.
- Monk heals two per tap on self, instead of one (which every other hero gets)
- Monk gets two blessing turns from one meditate instead of one (which it used to get)
- Monk only gets clearing level meditation boost if his meditation is less than 70, so that it doesn't get up to huge numbers.
- If you use the hand spell on an open door/gate/secret door with an item in it, the item is picked up, instead of the door closing.
- If a hero has activated a shrine, the shrine icon appears on the inventory screen, to the right of the name.
- Boulder tips added to strategy guide.
- New preference: Auto-rest when tap on self. When this is enabled, if you tap on your hero, you will rest until you are fully healed, are hit by a monster, or a monster moves next to you.
- 5 new map templates added to the random map generator.
- Now, when 'show numbers in main inventory preference' is selected, if you have more than 9 of an item, it shows a '+', to indicate you have many of that item.
- Slimes and popped boulders don't drop items onto spots that can't have them [stairs, altars], so they don't create 'hidden' items.
- Fixed not drawing right after picking up special chest.
- Added 'chest' cheat.

Version 1.3 - Released June 3, 2005
New Monsters:
- Mimic. Looks like an altar, or items.
- Shadow. Hides the map, but is not too aggressive.
- Invisible Monster. Leaves footprints behind itself, if it moves, otherwise you can't see where it is.
- Demon. Attacks and then retreats.

- Arena mode: Now you can fight through all the encounters, to see what they are like, with each hero. A fun (but still challenging) diversion from hunting down Angelus in the tomb. Kind of like a training mode. Look for the check box on the hero selection screen.

Now Traps...
- can't be activated if the hourglass effect is active.
- do damage equal to the level they are on.
- can be avoided, but at half a hero's avoidance skill.
- appear +1% more often per level down in the tomb.
- sometimes reset (more often as you go down).
- can be disarmed by the Rogue's special power: disarm trap (tap on self to use).

- Added 'Invisible Monster' cheat (so you can test what fighting an invisible monster is like).
- 3 map templates added to the random map generator.
- Monsters, when stunned, are easier to hit, and take 2 extra damage per hit. This affects the monk and rogue.
- When show numbers on main inventory option is selected: There is a number drawn only if you have more than one of the item.
- Health bars in color!
- When cubes retreat from ward, they now leave puddles, and destroy items.
- Angelus's gravestone flashes before the win text, instead of after.
- Monsters can't hit or attack you once you are dead.
- Monsters keep track of how many times they have killed each hero type. It is shown on the 'show monsters' screen, from the help menu.

Version 1.4 - released july 23, 2005
- New hero type: Knight - advanced hero who you can only play once you have won the game at least 3 times. The knight can't find hourglasses, recall stones, stunblasts or wards.
- New item: Stunblast. Stuns all monsters on the level.
- Hero type is shown on end game screens, so in case you quit for the day there, and come back the next, you know what hero type, for purposes of replaying from there.
- Wins/plays/ratings shown on high score screens (and on you are dead screen), so you can see it while 'in game'.
- Worst enemy shown on 'you are dead' screen.
- Visual effect added for teleport.
- Rogue gets gem, wand, teleport for starting items.
- Archer loses 1 arrow quiver for start, but gains a ward.
- Angelus can't summon himself now. (Thanks Yanis!)
- Fixed Rare bug of teleporting when there was no place to go would crash the machine. You could simulate it by playing in the arena, using an earthquake, then teleporting. (Thanks Yanis!)
- Redid the item appearance chart, mostly internal changes. Minor changes for some heroes.
- Wizard doesn't use teleport by tapping self. Instead, use the outlined teleport item in the quick inventory on the main screen.
- Added a map template for final level.
- Fixed Avg. Arena stay not calculated correctly.
- Changed starting/summoning to correctly look for free places to put monsters (including now, open doors, acid puddles, water if they can swim)

Version 1.5 - released Oct 3 2005

- Added Oozing Filth. It multiplies rapidly.
- Added Poltergeist (steals, sets traps, drops item when killed, is weak but annoying.)
- Added '++' monsters. 1 in 20 times, an exceptional monster will become double exceptional, and be even stronger and faster.
- Added a field 'resists ward' for monsters, only stone golem and poltergeist have it normally now, but exceptional monsters may have it too.
- Made monster dropping an item when killed a field, so now exceptional monsters have a chance of dropping items when killed.
- Fixed a bug where summoners wouldn't do anything if the map was full of monsters. Now, they fail at summoning and do something else.

- Added 'glyph' item. You draw a protective symbol on the floor which no monsters can cross, while it lasts. Also, if you stand on a glyph, your avoidance increases by 25 while you stand there.
- Added Fury potion: drink it to get lots of swings and a boost to your skills for a short time.
- Now, if an item fails (wand, glyph, rarely teleport) you don't use a turn, or the item.
- Fixed a bug with teleport if it failed.
- Added visual effect for recall.
- Bombs destroy sprung traps now.
- Stun bombs fail (and aren't used up) if there are no monsters to work on.
- Extra swings from Power gauntlets (or from potion of fury) that would not occur after a monster is dead, now go after other monsters, if they are nearby.
- Hand spell now does damage equal to your Magic boost, when used on a monster.
- If you use a hand to try to get an item when your backpack is full, it 'fails' and you don't use the hand.
- Reduced chance of items: recall, potions on warrior.
- Reduced chance of recall item on monk.
- Earthquake now has a small (2% per space) chance of causing items to appear as dirt appears. They 'fall' from the ceiling, or an earlier level of the tomb.

- Wizard gets a third special item: crystal ball (+2 sight) It comes before the other items, on level 4.
- Wizard heals 1 health when using his built-in teleport power.
- When playing in the arena, the Wizard now starts with 2 sword strength. This changes his chances of finishing the arena from really really unlikely to really unlikely.

- Fixed bug with auto-rest that gave monsters two turns of attacking before cancelling auto-rest.
- Added Clear Monsters Cheat. Fun to get to different levels in the arena.
- Added 3 new random map templates

Version 1.6 - released December 8 2005
- Made rogue find books and swords one level earlier each, now lvl 4 and lvl 6. This makes the rogue a little easier to play.
- Added title screen + icons to it.
- Added 'no damage' text with hand spell on monster at 0 magic boost.
- Fixed drawing bug with damage splats for traps & puddles.
- Fixed stalling the arena if you stood on a glyph and cast earthquake and cleared the level.
- Fixed Average arena stay not being calculated on each win.
- 1 new random map template.
- Took regular score off of arena mode character display.
- Added backing up of saved data to desktop.

Version 1.7 - March 13 2006
- Added Daemon hero type: it can't go up in the tomb, and can't leave a level until it has cleared it of all enemies. Also, when it hits an enemy, it gets some health back, and when it defeats an enemy, it gets extra moves. It can't get arrows, and is not available until you have won the game at least 3 times with other heroes.
- Made boulders pop if they pushed when surrounded by places they can't be pushed onto.
- Added bats: a weak erratic monster.
- Added Eerie lights: a weak erratic monster that can cause other monster to become abnormal (+ & ++).
- Now, when in door-close or hand mode, you can't use other items.

Version 1.8 - April 3 2006
- Added support for extended screen area on TX and tungstens, and other palm handhelds with extended screen. In extended screen mode, the players ability scores are shown on the main screen, along with a new bar which shows how full the inventory is. Also, the quick inventory area is large enough in extended screen mode to not have to flip between pages.
- Added a new map template.
- Moved the Knight's first special item up to level 5 instead of level 7.

Version 1.9 - May 20, 2006
- Removed eerie lights from depth 2 and once from level 5 and 7
- Increased knight accuracy to 80 from 75
- Shield charm increases avoidance a little now (10%)
- Rogue (or someone using a glyph) has a 20% chance to get a depth item from disarming traps now.
- Glyphs also disarm all traps around themselves when drawn.
- When a wall is destroyed by a bomb, there is a 33% chance an out of depth item appears.

Version 2.0 - Dec 19, 2006 (delete and reload version)
- Added "easy mode": all heroes get starting stat boosts, start with a shrine active (which means they can die once and keep playing), and never encounter double exceptional (++) monsters. Also, their score is x2, and you can't unlock the hidden heroes this way; you must win at normal mode to do that.
- Fixed arena average stay.
- Added 4 random map templates.